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Here are some resources that I find helpful for clients:

988 — The national crisis hotline, 24/7/365.  You can call or text 988 at any time if you have a mental health emergency of any kind, not just suicidal thoughts.
DBT — Even if you’re an adult, the DBT Skills Manual for Adolescents can be a helpful starting point. The emotional regulation skills are presented in a slightly simplified format, and there is an entire module for parents.  Plus, there are pictures.  
Headspace — There are many meditation apps out there, but I find Headspace particularly helpful.  I also appreciate that Headspace has tried to make their work accessible in many ways.  If you live in the St. Louis region, you can check out the app for months at a time through the library system just like you would check out a book.  They are also on Netflix and YouTube.
Mindfulness Authors:  There are many practitioners who are leaders in mindfulness work.  While this is a partial list, here are some of the authors whose books, videos, and/or podcasts have been helpful to many:
Tara Brach
Pema Chodron
Mark Epstein
Dan Harris 
Jon Kabat-Zinn
Jack Kornfield
Sharon Salzberg
Mindful Self-Compassion.  Kristin Neff and Chris Germer have done extremely helpful work in showing people both the art and science of being good to yourself.  Two very helpful places to start are their website and their workbook.
Self-Forgiveness Sheet (.pdf)
Wellness in 8 Dimensions (.pdf)

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